Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Before the arrival of the colonisers… before God called Abraham

After a wonderful morning of worship I was enjoying lunch in a Batak restaurant with ministers and lay leaders of HKBP Surdiman Jakarta. The conversation turned to the origins of the Batak church… Continue reading

CCA 2015 Random notes. Connected thoughts.

Just some random notes from Jakarta before I go to bed. During the opening worship this morning, the CCA remembered significant leaders of the Asian ecumenical movement who have died since the last… Continue reading

CCA 2015 “Living Together in the Household of God”

I’m attending the 14th Assembly of the Christian Conference of Asia, in Jakarta. 101 member churches and 17 member ecumenical councils, from 22 countries. The Assembly operates in English (as the only practical… Continue reading

From “ordered Liberty” to “holy shambles”: a journey in Christian worship

I was helping to lead the closing worship at the National Young Adult Leaders’ Conference in Sydney last year. My tasks were to present a Bible study and lead the celebration of the… Continue reading