By Word and Deed

On October 16 a new history of lay education in South Australia is being launched: David Houston, By Word and Deed:Lay people in the Uniting Church, learning and living the faith (Unley, SA: MediaCom… Continue reading

Ordination in the Uniting Church in Australia

I tried to connect with a South Australian conversation about call, ministry and ordination earlier this year (God calling). Since then I’ve been asked, in several different contexts, to explain the UCA’s understanding… Continue reading

Who is this “Pilgrim people”?

During the anniversary celebrations of the past week I’ve heard many references to the Uniting Church as “a pilgrim people”. It’s one of the most loved metaphors in the UCA’s Basis of Union (paragraph… Continue reading

In the bleak mid-winter: the UCA turns 40

According to Facebook, someone else noticed that the inauguration of the Uniting Church in Australia followed the winter solstice – 22 June 1977. I’ve never been able to find documentary evidence, but I… Continue reading

Ethics-y stuff

I had a great time today talking with a UCA Adult Fellowship group about “Ethical issues the church has been thinking about and also should be thinking about”. Snappy title, eh? But we… Continue reading

God calling

I was 18 years old when I candidated for ordained ministry – and was accepted. I’d made that decision when I was 16 and had mentors who helped me work towards engaging in… Continue reading

A Space for Grace

Today we decommissioned the Chapel of Reconciliation with stories, prayer and worship. It was bittersweet. Excitement and optimism about a future that requires the complete renovation of this part of the campus. Good… Continue reading

A Christmas reflection from Arthur Jackson… 53 years on.

I’ve spent most of this week in the 1960s – not the fun bit, the perplexing bit that’s to do with the religious crisis of the 1960s. Whether you’re talking about the “long… Continue reading

Chinese Whispers

At a team building event in a big organisation the facilitator organised a game of “Chinese whispers”. I don’t know what the point was, but my friend Meili was even more confused. “What’s… Continue reading

Eight to ten years…

The Leadership Development Council met for the last time yesterday. A milestone. The decision to form the LDC was made by the SA Presbytery and Synod in November 2007, after a year of… Continue reading