Still Processing the Palestinian Experience

It’s only four weeks since I got back to Australia from the ministers’ conference I led in Jerusalem and the four day solidarity visit with the Christian community in Palestine. It was an… Continue reading

We are all Gaza

While I’m very grateful for the experiences of the last couple of weeks, I certainly don’t think I’ve suddenly become an expert on Palestine or the Middle East. In any case, as Sami… Continue reading

Holy rocks and living stones

Traveling in Turkey last week, and here in Jerusalem, I’ve been thinking about the archaeological treasures I’ve now had the privilege of seeing for myself. Layer upon layer, stone upon stone, they deliver… Continue reading

Monuments and living stones

I’m writing this on a flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv, heading to Jerusalem for the third iteration of my National Ministers’ Conference (#NMCJerusalem). I’ve spent the last week in Turkey, mostly in… Continue reading

Frontier Services and the Uniting Church in Australia maintain the “mantle of safety”

I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of Frontier Services for as long as I can remember. So I was personally delighted that the very first invitation I received upon becoming President-Elect in 2009 was… Continue reading

The New Testament is about love because the Gospel is about reconciliation

When I read the New Testament lesson set for next Sunday (Romans 12:9-21) I remembered a short sermon that I’d preached on it recently. The theme had been exercising my mind anyway, in… Continue reading

The UCA: “flexible and free”

Last night I gave the keynote address at a national conference on the Basis of Union. The theme of the conference is “Basis of Union – Catalyst for Renewal”. It’s a wonderful group… Continue reading

Just one calling: to love one another

National Reconciliation Week runs from May 27 to June 3 this year. It’s a celebration of the rich culture and history of the First Australians. Initiated in 1996, the week aims to foster… Continue reading

See you in Charleville (or Sydney or Jerusalem)

If you’re a UCA minister or pastor (or a lay person in an appointment that would be a placement if a minister was in it) I hope you’re giving some thought to joining… Continue reading

A church like us for times like this: reflections on the national census of UCA congregations and ministers

It would be hard not to be excited about the future of the church if you attended NCYC in Parramatta in January, as I did. It was a life-giving, life-changing, inter-cultural festival of… Continue reading