On (not) giving up stuff for Lent

Just a pastoral note: not all Christians give up things for Lent. I’ve been asked about this again this year by Uniting Church folk. It’s normal for Catholics and for a lot of… Continue reading

“Blessed are the merciful…”

On Wednesday evening I spoke briefly at the Amnesty International vigil on the forecourt of Adelaide’s Pilgrim Uniting Church. The vigil was for all those on death row in Indonesia. As the names… Continue reading

Learning from Finkenwalde

This year includes the 70th anniversary of the martyrdom of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945). Never heard of him? There’s a brief acount of his life and work here. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ch/131christians/martyrs/bonhoeffer.html A conference is taking place… Continue reading

“I want to be part of my church too”

It was wonderful to end my year the way it began – in the company of an inspirational group of the UCA’s young adults. They came to the National Young Leaders Conference (NYALC)… Continue reading

Still Processing the Palestinian Experience

It’s only four weeks since I got back to Australia from the ministers’ conference I led in Jerusalem and the four day solidarity visit with the Christian community in Palestine. It was an… Continue reading

We are all Gaza

While I’m very grateful for the experiences of the last couple of weeks, I certainly don’t think I’ve suddenly become an expert on Palestine or the Middle East. In any case, as Sami… Continue reading

Holy rocks and living stones

Traveling in Turkey last week, and here in Jerusalem, I’ve been thinking about the archaeological treasures I’ve now had the privilege of seeing for myself. Layer upon layer, stone upon stone, they deliver… Continue reading

Monuments and living stones

I’m writing this on a flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv, heading to Jerusalem for the third iteration of my National Ministers’ Conference (#NMCJerusalem). I’ve spent the last week in Turkey, mostly in… Continue reading

Frontier Services and the Uniting Church in Australia maintain the “mantle of safety”

I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of Frontier Services for as long as I can remember. So I was personally delighted that the very first invitation I received upon becoming President-Elect in 2009 was… Continue reading

The New Testament is about love because the Gospel is about reconciliation

When I read the New Testament lesson set for next Sunday (Romans 12:9-21) I remembered a short sermon that I’d preached on it recently. The theme had been exercising my mind anyway, in… Continue reading