The courage to be one

The 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches concludes tomorrow. It has been meeting in Busan, Korea since early last week. Its theme has been “God of life, lead us to justice… Continue reading

Breaking News: Camel Negotiates Eye of Needle (Luke 19:1-10)

It’s God who converts people – God the Holy Spirit.  It’s not the witness, not the evangelist, not the media campaign.  It’s not even the person who turns to Jesus and finds life… Continue reading

Opening of the 30th Assembly of the Cook Islands Christian Church

Something remarkable is happening in Melbourne this week. For the fist time ever, the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) is holding its biennial Assembly outside the Cook Islands – in Clayton, Victoria. The CICC… Continue reading

Peace is the way as well as the end

My taxi driver last night was from Pakistan. He’s expecting to get permanent residency in a couple of weeks – all going well. He’s a practicing Muslim and we talked about faith and… Continue reading

We are a pilgrim people?

This was the text of my two presentations at the Joint Conference of the CCC & TSPM (China Christian Council & the Three Self Movement) and the Uniting Church in Australia. The conference… Continue reading

Chinese church adopts UCA practices

At our first meeting in the offices of the China Christian Council in Shanghai the Rev Gao Feng, the CCC President, said how impressed he and the CCC delegation had been by the… Continue reading

Pragmatic evangelism in China

The church in China has baptised 2.4 million new Christians in the last five years. So I thought they might have something to share with the UCA about evangelism. I asked Dr Lin… Continue reading

Thinking about ministry in remote Australia…from China

I’m on my way back to Australia after a truly rich experience in China participating in a joint conference between the China Christian Council and the Uniting Church in Australia. It was amazing… Continue reading

Parallel paradigms in post-denominationalism

I’m at the end of the first day of a remarkable joint conference between the China Christian Council and the Uniting Church in Australia, in Nanjing. Two post-denominational churches, discovering that they’ve been… Continue reading

How do I love my neighbour? #2 the Ramadan blog

When he was sworn in as a Parliamentary Secretary this week, Western Sydney MP Ed Husic became the first Australian Federal Member of Parliament to take his ministerial oath on the Koran. Although… Continue reading